It’s official! We’re now market leaders, with our technically advanced, reliable and proven Element Repellent range of socks, hats and gloves.  Recently tested against leading rivals, our products came out 30% more efficient on overall performance. They can effectively defy the cold, the wet, the dry as well as the heat. They protect as reliably as they perform, they are proven to be the best in the market and we intend to keep them there! 
DexShell is proud of its extensive range of functional, waterproof and breathable knitted accessories. 
We set out to create products that will enhance the experience of active outdoor enthusiasts in difficult and challenging weather and terrain, minimising the detrimental effects of these conditions on performance and enjoyment.
DexShell uses advanced manufacturing techniques, which make it possible to weave material properties into a single fabric.
This high spec technology creates garments that are more durable, more comfortable and more reliable, than our leading rivals.
Through our consistent and enthusiastic research we have become specialists in material construction, allowing us to source and work with the world’s most high spec technology.
Our element repellant range and our innovative and stylish selection of varying socks, hats and gloves, ensure that whatever protection you are seeking you can trust DexShell to deliver.
Invest in DexShell and the benefits of each product are clear right from the start and on through their life span.
Our products are proven across a wide range of outdoor pursuits, supporting outdoor enthusiasts pursuing sport and recreation as well as members of the armed forces and emergency services.

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